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Reynoldsburg Wage Benefit Proposal Draws Wide Interest

Khaled Elfiqi / Landov Reynoldsburg’s latest offer to its teachers is getting a lot of attention. The city’s school board would replace automatic teacher raises with merit pay and bonuses. And it would replace the district’s health insurance plan with individual cash payments. The plan has caught the attention of labor experts, school administrators and [...]

State Auditor Examines Charter School Chain

AUNTIE P. / FLICKR A handful of charter schools managed by the Chicago-based Concept Schools are already under examination by both the Ohio Department of Education and federal authorities. And now, 19 of the charter chain’s Ohio schools will be facing scrutiny from another state-level office. State Auditor Dave Yost said his office is launching [...]

How The Recession Impacted College Graduates

GADGETDUDE / FLICKT As far as current events are concerned, 2008 was another busy year. Fidel Castro retired. The Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series. Michael Phelps nabbed seven Olympic medals in Beijing. President Obama was elected to his first presidential term. It also marked another year where Americans experienced the worst economic downturn in [...]

The Process of Picking Principals

HO JOHN LEE / FLICKR There’s a laundry list of factors that can play into a school’s success. A few of the most common are great teachers, engaged parents, and a supportive community. And one of the biggest contributors to a school’s success is by placing the right candidate in their principal position. According to [...]

Students to Retake Third Grade Reading Assessment

Ohio third graders who fell short on the third grade reading assessment get another chance at the test this week. Last spring, 88 percent of Ohio’s third graders scored will enough on the reading assessment to advance to the fourth grade.  That left 12 percent, or about 13-14,000 kids, who scored below the promotion cut-off [...]

Talks Stalled and Tensions High Over Controversial Contract Proposal

Negotiations between the Reynoldsburg Teachers Association (REA) and Reynoldsburg City Schools surrounding a proposal that would dramatically change the district’s pay and benefits policies are on hold until August. The proposal first drew widespread attention in May as a bold move to place greater responsibility on teachers for student performance. On July 26th, as teachers [...]

Columbus Schools Going Door-To-Door to Get Kids Into Summer School

Columbus City Schools employees and an army of volunteers are literally going door-to-door this week, to get students who haven’t passed the third grade reading assessment back into school. Despite impressive gains between administration of the state-mandated test in the fall and the spring, over 950 third-grade students failed to make the cut-off score that [...]

For Some, Passing The Third Grade Hinges On Alternative Reading Tests

One would like to think that persistence and hard work alone over the course of the school year brought 3rd graders up to the level necessary to meet the third grade reading guarantee. That was, no doubt, part of it – a big part, in some cases. From last fall to this spring, many Ohio [...]

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