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State Supreme Court Hears Case Against Charter School Operator White Hat

The Ohio Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in a case that could change the nature of many charter schools in Ohio. Board members of 10 such community schools filed suit against their own management company arguing for more transparency on how the money they get from the state is being spent.

Changes Hit Ohio’s Community College Funding Formulas

Images_of_Money / Flickr A new law that tweaks the way Ohio’s community colleges earn their state funding went into effect earlier this month. The state’s 23 community colleges will now earn their chunk of state funding based on the amount of students completing courses and eventually graduating, instead of the number of students enrolled. It’s [...]

Literacy Advocate Talks Up Campaign For Grade-Level Reading

A national advocate for literacy told a Cleveland audience today that efforts to boost kids’ reading skills must extend beyond the walls of the public schools. Ralph Smith directs the Campaign for Grade Level Reading spearheaded by the Baltimore-based Annie E. Casey Foundation. Smith reflected on his own experience falling in love with reading at [...]

School Costs And Spending Increase, Pinching Family Budgets

Brandy Shaul / Flickr Back to school costs are up–and so’s the demand for free or donated school supplies. For 2014, the National Retail Federation says there’s a 12 percent increase in spending, while Huntington Bank’s yearly “backpack index” shows an 11 percent jump in school supply costs. Part of the reason for that is [...]

Ohio Lawmaker Explores Sales Tax-Free Holiday For Back To School Shopping

Images_of_Money / Flickr School’s not quite yet started, but many parents at least are doing their math in figuring out costs for their kid’s supplies–and one state senator says his bill will relieve some of their financial burden. The National Retail Federation says on average, parents of kids in grades K through 12 will spend [...]

Ohio Receives nearly $350,000 to Defray AP Exam Costs

Ohio is among 40 states receiving a cut of more than 28 million dollars in federal money to help low income students pay for advanced placement exams. Students who take AP courses in high school earn college credit if they score well on the exam.  And that can reduce the time and cost required to [...]

Reynoldsburg Teachers Prepared To Strike Over Merit Pay

Correction: This post originally stated that Cleveland’s is the only school district to have implemented a compensation system centered around performance.  It turns out there are a small handful of other districts that also base pay increases on performance.      Members of the teachers union in Reynoldsburg have authorized a ten day strike notice after [...]

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