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Ohio Senator Unveils New Charter School Overhaul


Brian Bull / ideastream It looks like overhauling Ohio’s charter school system requires a lot of heavy hitters from the political arena. Nearly 20 people stood with Republican Sen. Peggy Lehner of Kettering as she unveiled her new bill to fix what many believe to be a broken charter school system. Lehner said Ohio’s charter [...]

Cleveland Schools CEO Talks the Cleveland Plan, Charters, And The Future

Cleveland Metropolitan School District CEO Eric Gordon, speaking at John Adams High School

At the annual State of the Schools address last fall, Cleveland Metropolitan School District CEO Eric Gordon called 2013-14 the “year of disruption that yielded tangible results.” The majority of that speech centered around the progress of the district’s plan to transform the city’s schools, also known as the Cleveland Plan. We checked in with [...]

Ohio School Board Drops Standards on Art, Music, Etc.

The Ohio Board of Education has voted to eliminate requirements that large schools must hire positions that include art teachers, counselors, and librarians. The move came after a day of testimony and debate that included three new members. It’s known as the 5 of 8 rule — for every 1000 students, districts must hire 5 [...]

Ohio House Readies Plans for State Education Budget


The Ohio Channel Even though they’re on break, lawmakers are making moves and drawing up plans on what to do with the budget when they return. The House subcommittee on higher education has held meetings for several weeks now, and the chair, Republican State Rep. Mike Duffey of Worthington, said there are several things he’d [...]

Author Wes Moore Says Mentors and Education Were Key to His Turnaround

Wes Moore A man who famously overcame early school difficulties to become a Rhodes Scholar has praise for Cleveland’s public schools. Wes Moore is the author of best-selling book, “The Other Wes Moore,” which compares his life with that of another Wes Moore who grew up in the same neighborhood but became a convicted felon. [...]

House Bill Reforms Charter Schools, Critics Say Bill Falls Short


Brian Bull / ideastream The House is taking a shot at reforming charter schools in Ohio. While several Republican leaders are praising the bill as comprehensive — others believe the legislation falls short. When newly elected House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger addressed the media earlier this year to lay out his legislative priorities—reforming charter schools was [...]

Ohio’s Charter School Laws Earn A “C” Grade, According to Pro-Charter Group

Brian Bull / ideastream When it comes to state legislation, Ohio’s charter schools are just about average, according to a new national report card. The Center for Education Reform–which, as the Columbus Dispatch points out, is a group advocating for opening publicly funded and privately run charters–awarded Ohio a “C” grade based on a handful [...]

Ohio’s Charter School System Still Needs Work, Progressive Think Tank Says

COMEDY_NOSE / FLICKR Ohio’s first charter school opened nearly twenty years ago–but Innovation Ohio’s education policy fellow Stephen Dyer said it’s only recently that the attitude around the publicly funded, privately run schools has begun to shift. “I think people are just starting to recognize, ‘look, charters aren’t going anywhere, let’s make sure we have [...]

State Board of Education on Public Complaints over PARCC Test

District 11 member Mary Rose Oakar of Cleveland (foreground) telling Sen. Peggy Lehner (back) about public complaints over PARCC test.

Ohio public schools are in their third week of issuing standardized tests for students in fourth through sixth grades, eighth grade, and high school. The state legislature passed a law one year ago that eliminates any ramifications for the pupils in this first year of the test. But that hasn’t calmed down members of the [...]

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