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Report: American Indian Sports Mascots Harm Native Youth

A liberal leaning research institute in Washington said all schools and professional teams around the country should retire any sports mascots that adversely affect the well-being of Native Americans. The Center for American Progress’ report said native-themed team names and displays during pep rallies or “spirit weeks” can cause confusion, embarrassment, or alienation among native [...]

Ohio’s Wilberforce University Faces The Possibility of Losing Accreditation

Founded in 1856,  the history of Southwestern Ohio’s Wilberforce University is extensive. Wilberforce is the oldest private historically black college in the nation. It had the first African American college president, faced a damaging fire the same night Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, and housed the first black center for military training, according to the school’s [...]

There’s More Places for Ohio’s Kids To Get A Free Meal This Summer

subewl / flickr The beginning of summer may mean a break from homework and studying, but for many students, it can also mark the beginning of a long stretch without daily, school-provided meals. “People think of the summer as a time to relax and vacation,” said the Ohio Association of Foodbanks’ Executive Director Lisa Hamler-Fugitt. [...]

White Hat And Other Charter Operators May Benefit From New Funding

Ohio’s dropout recovery charter schools may get their way after all since a committee of lawmakers re-inserted a provision of an education bill that would give them state funds to educate older students. The funds would become available as part of a Kasich administration initiative that will provide state education dollars to help adults age [...]

Catholic Diocese Bans Teachers From Publicly Contradicting Church Views

Glen Van Etten / Flickr The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland has joined its counterpart in Cincinnati in requiring its elementary school teachers to sign contracts with expanded morality clauses. Diocesan spokesman Robert Tayek says the new contracts are simply more specific on what the church considers to be moral behavior. The clause’s ban includes publicly [...]

Jim Tressel Is Youngstown State’s New Presidential Pick

Photo courtesy Youngstown State University Tressel’s name has been tossed around as a potential contender well since last year. Backers include Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan, who aggressively recruited Tressel for the YSU job when then-president Randy Dunn left after just 8 months. University spokesman Ron Cole says Tressel beat out two other candidates: the chancellor [...]

Mandatory Drug Tests For Private Schools Raise Questions Over Privacy, Efficiency

Danielle Spraggs / FLICKR Some local private schools made news recently in announcing that all students will be subjected to periodic drug tests. Administrators say it’s to counter the rapid rise in heroin use by teens and get help for those who may be addicted. But some question whether the mandatory testing is truly beneficial. [...]

University of Akron Announces New President

Scott Scarborough / Photo courtesy of The University of Akron The University of Akron’s presidential search is over. University of Toledo provost Scott Scarborough will assume Akron’s top role after current president Luis Proenza retires in June. Scarborough was one of the top three finalists for the job, beating out The University of Maryland Eastern [...]

Districts Caught Up In Data-Scrubbing Scandal See Ratings Falter

COMEDY_NOSE / FLICKR The Ohio Department of Education has lowered the ratings of six school districts which previously misrepresented student performance. The action is a follow-up to the State Auditor’s finding that schools around the state “scrubbed” test results from lower performing students before submitting their data to the state. The affected districts include Cleveland, [...]

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