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State Supreme Court Hears Case Against Charter School Operator White Hat

The Ohio Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in a case that could change the nature of many charter schools in Ohio. Board members of 10 such community schools filed suit against their own management company arguing for more transparency on how the money they get from the state is being spent.

Colleges Work to Curb Campus Sexual Assaults

greatdegree / flickr The Obama administration’s “It’s On Us” campaign is getting traction on college campuses around the country, including Ohio. The public awareness initiative aims to end sexual assaults on college campuses, in part by encouraging students to get involved when they see it happening. Student leaders at  ten colleges in Ohio, and nearly [...]

The Week of College Rankings

graduation caps

j.o.h.n. walker / Flickr Earlier this week, one of the most in-depth national college rankings– that’d be U.S. News and World Reports– released their annual lists, which were calculated by analyzing factors including freshmen retention rates, class sizes, acceptance rates, and student-to-faculty ratios.

Experts with Role in Developing Common Core Testify Before House Committee

THOTH 188 / FLICKR Opponents of the education standards known as the Common Core spent a week criticizing that set of standards while supporting a bill to repeal it. Now, a House committee is hearing from the other side, including some national experts who helped create those benchmarks. William McCallum is a distinguished professor of [...]

To Incoming College Freshmen, America’s Wealthiest Guy Has Always Been Bill Gates

When this year’s college freshmen see wire-rimmed glasses, their minds first flash to Harry Potter– not John Lennon. They’ve probably never perused the Internet with web browser Netscape. Joe Camel hasn’t been their gateway to smoking cigarettes. The “pound” key on telephones? Yeah, that’s a #hashtag to them. These points all come courtesy of Beloit [...]

Ohio House Education Chair: Effort to Repeal Common Core ‘Misguided’

The Ohio Channel A new bill that seeks to repeal the Common Core education standards in Ohio will try a new path through the legislature, after a previous repeal attempt stalled in committee. But that committee chair isn’t happy about this new move. House Education Committee Chair Gerald Stebelton of Lancaster called two hearings on [...]

Kasich Stands By State Superintendent Ross

STOCK NEWS PHOTO / IDEASTREAM Gov. John Kasich is standing by his top education leader in the wake of controversy surrounding a charter school investigation. The probe was launched after a group of teachers alleged sexual misconduct, racism and possible cheating was going on at a Dayton charter school. But some believe more could’ve been [...]

Majority Of Top Healthcare Jobs In Cleveland Don’t Require Bachelor’s Degree

phalinn / flickr Nationally, nearly half of the total healthcare workforce in the 100 largest American metropolitan areas are employed as nurses, support technicians, psychiatric and home health aides. For many of those role’s a two-year associate’s degree or high school diploma will suffice. In the Greater Cleveland area, that number’s slightly higher, ranking the [...]

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