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Changes Hit Ohio’s Snow Day Policy

bradleygee / Flickr Thanks to last winter’s polar vortex, the average Ohio school district used nine so-called “calamity days” to cancel classes, almost double the amount previously allocated by the state. But a policy change may give districts more scheduling flexibility to make sure that doesn’t happen this winter.

Students Are Less Interested in Becoming STEM Teachers, Report Finds

Scott / Flickr For the past few years, the acronym STEM–which stands for science, technology, engineering, math– has been one of the biggest buzzwords in the education world and beyond. According to a new report issued by the ACT, students are still digging those content areas, but perhaps not enough to consider a future career [...]

Members Walk Out as Ohio Board of Education Considers Change in Standards

A pending vote from the state’s top education leaders could have major ramifications on local schools around Ohio.  The state Board of Education is reviewing almost all of its standards to provide more “flexibility” to local school districts.  This week it considered changing Ohio’s so-called 5 of 8 rule that concerns art teachers, music teachers, [...]

How School Tax Issues Fared in The 2014 Election

Amy Hansen / StateImpact Ohio This election featured roughly 165 school tax issues on ballots across the state, a slight decrease from 2013 and 2012. But the results of this year’s race followed a recent trend: a majority of voters voted down requests for additional tax increases, while supporting a majority of existing renewals. According [...]

The Gubernatorial Candidates’ Stances on Education

THOTH 188 / FLICKR In a handful of gubernatorial races across the country–like Georgia and Oklahoma–education has emerged as a major talking point. That’s not quite the case here in Ohio, though. Neither current Republican Gov. John Kasich or his Democratic challenger, Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald, have turned potential education policy ideas into major [...]

Election 2014: The Ohio School Board Explained


Today’s state school board isn’t quite the same body it was 20 years ago.  Back then there were 11 members – all elected. But that changed in the mid-1990s under Republican Governor George Voinovich. The move to add governor-appointed members followed a controversial court decision declaring the state’s model for funding education unconstitutional. (Click here [...]

Here Are The School Tax Issues You’ll See on Election Day


Theresa S. Thompson / Flickr Tax issues are pretty important to Ohio’s schools. While K-12 districts do receive money from both federal and state governments, many rely heavily on local funds to support a big chunk of their operating budgets. While there are a handful of income tax requests this year, the majority comes from [...]

Bullying Experts: Some Popular Measures Inflict Their Own Pain


Lee Morley / Flickr October being National Bullying Prevention Month, schools everywhere are chiming in on how students can avoid getting picked on. But some efforts can make things worse. Some schools have tried “peer mediation” where you bring the victim and the bully together in the same room.  Child Psychologist Melissa Martin discourages that [...]

2014 Ohio Board of Education Voters Guide


The 19 members of Ohio’s state Board of Education don’t actually create any education-related laws, but they do make some pretty important decisions regarding the state’s education policies–things like setting education operating standards and teacher license requirements. And this Election Day, there are seven contested races across the state looking to fill open seats on [...]

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