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Gov. John Kasich Mentions Charters, School Funding in State of The State Speech


PHOTO COURTESY OF THE OHIO CHANNEL One of the larger themes of Governor Kasich’s State of the State address last night revolved around education. Touching on the familiar topics of school funding, charter schools, and the state university system, Kasich mentioned budget cuts for some wealthier K-12 districts, along with wanting state universities to also [...]

The Potential Education Mentions at Tonight’s State of The State Address

Governor John Kasich at is E Prep & Village Prep Woodland Hills in Cleveland.

Mark Urycki / StateImpact Ohio Tonight is Gov. John Kasich’s annual “State of the State” speech. If last year’s event is any indication, his education agenda may make a significant appearance when he takes the stage in Wilmington, about an hour south of Columbus. In 2014, Kasich spent nearly 20 minutes talking about plans for [...]

Charter Critics Offer Praise


Brian Bull / ideastream Ohio leaders are taking steps to reform the state’s charter school system. There are two plans out there right now that could expand accountability– and a big critic of charters actually calls the plans a positive step.

Governor Kasich Warns Colleges to Cut Costs

MICHELLE KANU / IDEASTREAM When Governor Kasich released his budget proposal Monday, he asked for a number of changes to Ohio’s education policy. He’s looking to shift state funding more toward districts that have low income and low property values. Ever since the DeRolph versusState of Ohio case almost 20 years ago, critics have been asking [...]

Ohio Colleges Help Launch Student Businesses

This weekend fashion students at Kent State University will get together with technology and business majors for a kind-of slumber party. It’s their second annual hackathon that combines clothing with technology. Hackathons are a growing trend at universities where students work night and day trying to invent the next big thing.

New Report from State Auditor Points Out Charter School Disparities


Jo Ingles / Ohio Public Radio Investigators in the state auditor’s office swept through 30 charter schools to answer a simple question: how many students are showing up for class? For seven of those schools, auditor Dave Yost said investigators found a big difference between the number of students officials reported to the Ohio Department [...]

How The News Can Impact Students


Students at Seiberling Elementary / Amy Hansen Many parents know kids are always watching and listening. Mix that natural curiosity with social media and the 24-hour news cycle, and there are a lot of ways children are exposed to current and sometimes tragic stories in the news. Recently, StateImpact talked with a group of Akron [...]

Three New Ohio Board of Education Members


Members of the state board of education chose their new president Monday.  He is Tom Gunlock, one of the 8 members who were appointed to the board by Governor Kasich. Eleven other members are elected to represent districts in the state and three of them are brand new.  They are also Democrats who want to [...]

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