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Kent State Wants to Win Back Fomer Students

BRIAN BULL / IDEASTREAM Kent State University is going on a search– for students. The university is planning to offer some former students who have left the school a second chance to finish their degrees. Kent State is looking for a specific group of students: those who have dropped out over the past two years, [...]

How Charter Schools Are Using Sophisticated Marketing To Lure Students

Ohio charter schools are appealing to students’ and parents’ emotions in their advertising in order to persuade students their school is a better choice than regular public school, according to a story published by the Beacon Journal. Ashley Morris and Brittany Landsberger of TheNewsOutlet.org, a student journalism project, write that charter schools are finding success [...]

The Dropout Dilemma: Panel Explores Causes And Solutions

There are many reasons kids drop out of school: lack of parental guidance, poverty, crisis circumstances such as pregnancy, disinterest, and the list goes on. Dropping out occurs to some degree in just about every community. But it’s most concentrated in poor, urban school districts.  And it was there that a special edition of Ideas, [...]

How Ohio’s Big Urban Districts Intervene To Prevent Dropouts

DAVEDILLIONPHOTO / FLICKR For decades, districts have struggled to address the needs of the students considered most at risk of never graduating. In 1963, the Ohio Department of Education developed two programs to give those students work experience since they were likely leaving school to get a low-skilled job anyway. Over the years, those programs [...]

Why Being A Truancy Officer “Is Like Running in Mud”

Truancy officer Larry Keating works on paperwork at his desk in Springfield, Ohio.

Every morning Larry Keating parks himself near the entrance to Keifer Academy in Springfield, Ohio – a city of about 60,000 west of Columbus. As students shuffle in, his blue-grey eyes are busy behind his silver glasses, continually darting from the doors to his attendance sheet. Back and forth, back and forth. His pencil hits [...]

Northeast Ohio’s Dropout Dilemma

LOOP_OH / FLICKR We’ve talked a lot about Ohio’s dropout problem: who’s dropping out, common reasons why students may leave, and how dropouts affect Ohio’s economy. According to the Ohio Education Research Center’s dropout tracking report, dropouts are a big problem for the state’s “Big 8″ urban districts. Northeast Ohio’s a bit unique, in that [...]

How Career Tech Education Helped One Student Parlay A Hobby Into A Salary

For most high school students, the idea of being held back a grade is pretty discouraging. But when now 20-year-old Spencer Wolf was told he’d have to repeat the tenth grade, he says he was grateful. As a student at Fairmont High School in Kettering near Dayton, Wolf says he felt the classwork in his [...]

Safety Nets Provide Options To Prevent Dropouts

Nationally, 80 percent of students who make it to 9th grade graduate high school. But in some urban centers 40 percent or more dropout. Tonight on WVIZ in Northeast Ohio, a PBS documentary called “Facing Forward” examines the safety net for at-risk students. It includes the story of Tyree Stewart, a Cleveland area student who [...]

Share Your Thoughts About High School Dropouts With The Civic Commons

HO JOHN LEE / FLICKR “As taxpayers, we’re all going to end up paying for those who drop out,” writes The Civic Commons’ Andrew Samtoy. “As a community, we won’t have the educated and trained workforce we need for the 21st century jobs our companies and organizations are creating,” he continues. “And, of course, the [...]

Updated: Two Education Bills That Could Help Ohio’s Dropouts

THOTH 188 / FLICKR This spring, Governor John Kasich called attention to Ohio’s dropout problem when he mentioned the 24,000 students who leave Ohio schools without a diploma each year. In his mid-year budget review, Kasich laid out a number of initiatives to get students at risk of dropping out re-engaged in their education. The resulting legislation made [...]

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