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Two Stories About Big-City Mayors Trying to Set Rules for Charter Schools

atalou / Flickr Over the past year, state legislators changed state law to allow charter schools in Ohio’s two biggest cities–Columbus and Cleveland–to receive local tax dollars. That’s a big change: Before that point, Ohio charter schools did not directly receive local tax dollars. 

Oregon Orders School to Remove Seclusion Rooms

PhotoAtelier / Flickr The Oregon state legislature banned certain kinds of seclusion rooms earlier this year. Now the state’s Board of Education has ordered a Portland public school to remove four seclusion rooms, Northwest Public Radio reports.

Viewpoint: Common Core Pushes Schools in the Wrong Direction

The Common Core pushes Ohio schools in the wrong direction, University of Oregon education professor Yong Zhao says. Zhao says the Common Core, a new set of standards that outline what students should know and be able to do in math and English, will bring more standardization and testing to schools. Zhao will speak at Cleveland [...]

Plans for Ohio’s First Public Boarding School Are Dead

Plans to create Ohio’s first public boarding school are dead because the private foundation that had originally pushed for the school’s creation pulled out, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. Richard Farmer, a Cincinnati businessman and major Republican donor, and his family foundation helped get the 2011 legislation to create the school passed and had committed to [...]

Charters Schools Struggle to Find Space to Operate

Christopher Webb / Flickr In starting a new charter school, finding space to house the school is often one of school founders’ biggest challenges. But this year, for the first time, Ohio lawmakers set aside money for charter schools to use on facilities. Charter school advocates say the new money will help charter schools, but [...]

Ohio Edu-Budget 2013: Charter Schools Will Get More Money Next Year

Alyssa Ki / The Jersey Journal/Landov Ohio’s new state budget, signed by Governor John Kasich June 30, makes a number of changes that affect K-12 education. In a series of posts, we’ll be analyzing those changes and what they mean. Today, we look at money for charter schools. When state lawmakers put another $1.5 billion [...]

Undocumented Students in Gray Area for College Admissions

It’s been nearly a year since the Obama administration gave leniency for some children who immigrated to the United States illegally. Known as DACA – deferred action for childhood arrivals – the measure gives these young people some protection even though they aren’t citizens or legal residents. Nearly 2 million people are eligible for the DACA [...]

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