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The Sound of Ideas Discusses College Costs

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WCPN’s daily talk show The Sound of Ideas yesterday focused on the rising cost of college.

Guests included:

Among the topics tackled:

  • Does everyone really need a four-year college degree?
  • Does Ohio have a problem with college affordability?
  • Are fancy dorms making college more expensive?

On that last point, here’s what Chancellor John Carey said:

One of the things that’s changed since I went to college at Ohio University many years ago is the facilities and what’s expected when you go to college. I mean, when I was in a dorm room it wasn’t air-conditioned, we didn’t have Wi-Fi or flat screen TVs and those types of things.

But now with the technology that’s available, the facilities that are needed to provide that service are much more expensive to develop and there’re also more expensive to maintain.

You can listen to the show here.


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