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South Florida College Leaders Support President’s Free College Plan

The president of Broward College supports President Barack Obama's proposal to offer students two years of college tuition-free.

The leaders of two of the nation’s largest community colleges say they support President Barack Obama’s proposal to give students two years of college for free. Obama proposed the idea in Tennessee Friday. In a written statement, Broward College president J. David Armstrong says the proposal could mean more training for teachers, nurses, paramedics, firefighters [...]

Explaining The Push For ‘Pay It Forward’ Tuition Plans

A Florida lawmaker has introduced a bill which would make college tuition free, but students would repay the cost over time.

A Florida lawmaker has proposed allowing students to attend college tuition-free, and then repay the cost with a percentage of their salary after graduating. The proposal has been nicknamed “Pay It Forward” tuition because students making their payments keep tuition free for future generations of college students. Students might pay their Alma mater between 2 [...]

Gov. Scott Coy About Vetoing A Tuition Increase

Gov. Rick Scott hasn’t given any indication that he’s ready to sign the $74.5 billion budget the Florida Legislature sent him early this month. He’s expected to veto some line items, including a 3 percent tuition hike for universities and a similar increase for state colleges. “I’m reviewing the budget, and I haven’t decided when to finish [...]

Three Questions About College For Lumina Foundation CEO Jamie Merisotis

The Lumina Foundation is committed to enrolling and graduating more students from college. CEO Jamie Merisotis takes that message around the country. Last week, he spoke to the Economic Club of Florida. The foundation’s goal is for 60 percent of Americans to earn a high-quality post secondary credential or degree by 2025. Merisotis took questions [...]

Government Watchdog Recommends Tougher Bright Futures Requirements

Bright Futures money is being targeted again, this time by a government watchdog group that says the state should raise requirements for the merit-based scholarship program. The lottery revenues which fund the scholarships aren’t stretching as far as they used to. Lawmakers made changes to the Bright Futures program in recent years, as more college [...]

Lawmaker Changes His Mind About Bright Futures Bill

A Florida lawmaker who filed a bill that would make Bright Futures recipients stay in Florida after graduation seems to have changed his mind. A spokesman for Rep. Jimmie Smith, R-Lecanto, told the Orlando Sentinel that Smith will withdraw the bill that was filed this month. It would have required college graduates to stay and [...]

Bright Futures Recipients May Have To Stay In Florida After Graduation

A Florida lawmaker has filed a bill that would force most Bright Futures recipients to stay in Florida after graduation or pay back the scholarship money. Rep. Jimmie Smith, R-Inverness, wants the bill to serve as an incentive to keep Florida’s top graduates in the state. House Bill 35 says a graduate must stay and [...]

Why Rising Student Debt Isn’t As Big A Problem As You Think

College tuition is steadily rising in Florida, but at least one expert says the issue of student debt is being blown out of proportion. Dr. Ed Moore is president of the Independent Colleges & Universities of Florida. He is also on the Higher Education Coordinating Council. He and six other council members are charged with [...]

Proposal: Different Tuition Rates Based on the Degree Students Seek

Gov. Rick Scott’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on State Higher Education Reform has reached tentative agreement on its recommendations. The panel on Wednesday called for different tuition rates based on the type of degree being sought such as business, education or engineering. It also proposed letting “preeminent universities” set higher tuition rates. In addition, the [...]

Florida Bright Futures Scholarships By The Numbers

We’ve spent the week looking at how Bright Futures scholarships have changed over the last fifteen years. Bottom line: More students are getting the money, but the awards aren’t going as far as they used to in covering the cost of college or university tuition. The program establishes three lottery-funded scholarships for high academic achievers. [...]

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