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Three Questions: Andy Ford On Policy Priorities For Florida Teachers’ Unions

In his State of the State address on Tuesday, Gov. Rick Scott promoted his $18.8 billion budget for education. But if it were up to Florida Education Association president Andy Ford, there would be even more money going to Florida’s public schools. The Florida Education Association is the state umbrella group for Florida teachers’ unions. [...]

Scott, Lawmakers Making School Technology A Budget Priority

Both Gov. Rick Scott and lawmakers want to spend more money on school technology. The question is the best way to do so.

The chairman of the Senate’s Education Committee said Gov. Rick Scott and lawmakers want to spend at least $40 million, and likely more, to upgrade school Internet capacity and add new computers, tablets and other digital tools. Sen. John Legg, R-Port Richey, said education technology is a priority for Scott and both Republican and Democratic [...]

Crist Says Education And Economy Most Important Issues In Governor Race

Charlie Crist is seeking the governor's office as a Democrat after once holding the post as a Republican. He's been leaning on education issues early to mark differences with Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

Education and the economy will be the most important issues in Florida’s governor race. That’s what Democratic candidate — and former Republican governor — Charlie Crist told MSNBC’s Ed Schultz on Monday. Crist, Democratic former state Sen. Nan Rich and Republican Gov. Rick Scott have all talked about education early in the race to try [...]

Map: How Full-Time Support Staff Jobs Have Changed In Your County Schools

At the start of last school year there were about 15,000 fewer full-time jobs in Florida public schools than there were in 2007. Almost all of those jobs — 99.5% — are support staff positions like custodians, secretaries and classroom aides. StateImpact Florida has been reporting on the changes in staffing at Florida public schools. [...]

Fewer Support Staff In Florida Public Schools

A StateImpact Florida analysis of jobs in Florida public schools shows that while full-time staffing is almost back to pre-recession levels, one group of employees hasn’t come back: the support staff. Since the recession began, Florida’s public school budgets have been hit with more than $2 billion dollars in cuts from state and federal funding, [...]

What’s In The Florida Department of Education’s Budget Request

The Florida Department of Education's requested budget would increase per-student funding and money for technology.

The Florida Department of Education wants to spend an additional $126.77 per student and $40 million on school technology, according to the agency’s preliminary budget request. The draft budget is one item on a busy State Board of Education agenda tomorrow. The board will also discuss what’s next in hiring a new education commissioner and [...]

Florida Had Second-Largest 2013 Education Funding Increase, Study Says

Florida had the second-largest increase in education spending this year, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Florida had the second-largest per pupil increase in education spending for the 2013-2014 budget year, according to an analysis by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. But Florida still spends 3.9 percent less — $157 per student — on education now than it did in 2008 prior to the Great Recession. At least 34 [...]

What Two School Districts Are Doing To Give More Students A Computer

Two education technology stories caught our eye today, touching on questions of the cost and support needed when schools provide laptop or tablet computers for their students. The questions are important in Florida because lawmakers have required schools to deliver half of their classroom instruction digitally by 2015. Schools are also preparing for new online [...]

A Q & A With Senate Education Committee Chairman John Legg

Sen. John Legg, R-Port Richey, says lawmakers need some advice from education commissioner Pam Stewart on Wednesday.

Port Richey Republican Sen. John Legg has founded a charter school and is chairman of the Senate Education committee. So people listened when Legg raised some of the first warnings about whether Florida would be ready for new English, literacy and math standards — and the accompanying tests — by the start of the 2014 [...]

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