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Half As Many Students Will Meet Tougher Bright Futures Scholarship Requirements

The Florida College Access Network estimates about half as many students will qualify for Bright Futures this fall.

About half as many students will qualify for Bright Futures scholarships when the school year begins this fall as did during the current year, according to new estimates from the Florida College Access Network. That’s because lawmakers have steadily increased requirements for the primarily lottery-funded scholarships, raising minimum scores required on the SAT and ACT [...]

Florida Still Has Lengthy To-Do List For Federal Grant

The U.S. Department of Education says Florida is one of those kids in the back when it comes to meeting the requirements of its $700 million Race to the Top grant.

The U.S. Department of Education says Florida trails other states in meeting the requirements of its $700 million federal Race to the Top grant, Education Week reports. From the story: Yet even with billions of dollars and the political cover that came with winning a grant, the annual reports show that states still struggle mightily [...]

Conversation About The Cost Of College Starts In Florida

NPR has started a series of conversations about paying for the rising cost of college. For their first interview, NPR spoke with David Sherker, a student at Coral Reef High School in Miami, and his family. President Barack Obama recently spoke at the school to encourage students to apply for federal financial aid and prod [...]

Explaining The Push For ‘Pay It Forward’ Tuition Plans

A Florida lawmaker has introduced a bill which would make college tuition free, but students would repay the cost over time.

A Florida lawmaker has proposed allowing students to attend college tuition-free, and then repay the cost with a percentage of their salary after graduating. The proposal has been nicknamed “Pay It Forward” tuition because students making their payments keep tuition free for future generations of college students. Students might pay their Alma mater between 2 [...]

Study: Not Going To College Will Cost You

The gap in median earnings between those who have graduated college and those who haven't is growing, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

The earnings gap between college graduates and those who only finish high school is growing, according to a new report this week from the Pew Research Center. The median income of a high school graduate in 2013 was about two-thirds that of a college graduates the same year. In 1979, the median income of a [...]

Marco Rubio Wants To Change College

When Sen. Marco Rubio was growing up, his parents gave him an edict: “From a very early age they used to tell us, ‘tu tienes que estudiar,’ which means, ‘you have to study.’ So growing up I don’t ever recall not considering going to college,” Rubio told an audience at Miami-Dade College on Monday. Rubio talked at length about [...]

Gov. Rick Scott Really Wants Florida School Districts To Spend Teacher Money

School districts must come up with their own distribution plans for teacher raises.

Back in May, Gov. Rick Scott took a victory lap after the Florida Legislature approved $480 million for teacher pay raises. “It’s a great day for teachers. It’s also a great day for students,” he said at the time. Seven months later, Scott’s wheedling school districts to actually spend that money. The raises—intended to start [...]

What Are You Doing After Graduation? International College Students Start Stressing Now

Editor’s note: This post was written by Constanza Gallardo College seniors usually start worrying about landing a job some time in the spring before graduation. But for the thousands of international students in Florida colleges and universities, that worry starts now. Florida ranks seventh on the top ten list of states hosting international students, with [...]

Benefits, And Barriers, To Early Learning In Florida

Florida’s legislative session is months away, but educators and politicians are already talking about making early childhood education a priority. “Early childhood is viewed as childcare, and not early childhood education, which it really is,” says Dr. Susan Neimand, director of the School of Education at Miami Dade College, which runs a nationally recognized early [...]

Update: Shaky Start To $10,000 College Degree Programs In Florida

Last November, Gov. Rick Scott challenged Florida’s colleges to offer $10,000 degrees for programs that place students in high-demand fields. Most of the schools in the Florida College System pledged to meet that challenge, but as the Sun Sentinel reported over the weekend, the results so far have been mixed: “… the degree options are [...]

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