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Read The Federal Plan To Expand Wireless Internet Access At Schools

The Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to vote tomorrow on a plan to emphasize wireless Internet connections.

Tomorrow the Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to vote on a plan that would add $2 billion over two years to help schools and libraries purchase high-speed wireless Internet access. The plan’s full details are not public, but the agency has published a short summary of the proposed changes. The plan has three broad goals: [...]

City Schools Say They’ll Get Less Money If Federal Internet Program Is Updated

Even if the Federal Communications Commission adds $2 billion to a program to help purchase high-speed Internet, urban school districts said they'll probably receive less money.

City school districts say a plan to expand a federal program that helps schools and libraries purchase high-speed Internet access will actually reduce the amount of money those districts receive. Miami-Dade school officials and the Council of Great City Schools said proposed changes to the E-Rate program will force city school districts to pay more [...]

Charting Florida College And University Graduates By Pay

Graduates earning bachelor degrees from Florida International University and Florida Atlantic University had the highest median income in their first year of work.

The Florida Department of Education released the first edition of an annual report compiling Florida college and university graduate earning data last week. Generally, graduates with science degrees were more likely to earn more in their first year of employment after college. But which school’s graduates earned the most money? Check out these charts created [...]

New Florida Report Tracks State College And University Graduate Earnings

A new Florida report tracks differences in employment and earnings based on the degrees earned by Florida college and university graduates.

Science degrees pay. And generally, the higher the degree one earns the more they can expect to be paid — even within their field. That’s two conclusions from a first-of-its-kind economic study of Florida’s college and university graduates. Lawmakers required the annual reports two years ago, part of a push to tie the state’s education [...]

The Sunshine Economy: Common Challenges, Changing Classrooms

Our partners at WLRN put together a special education hour of the Sunshine Economy this week. The conversation ranged from a talk with Broward County’s superintendent about Common Core to a chat with a group of high school students about diversity in the classroom: In this edition of The Sunshine Economy: The school year may [...]

About That Charter School Funding Study…

Do traditional district schools receive more money than charter schools? A Rutgers University researcher says the gap is not as big when you compare actual expenses.

A recent University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform report concluded charter schools receive less funding than traditional public schools across the country. But that study only looked at revenue, argues Rutgers University researcher Bruce Baker in a new National Education Policy Center review, and ignores the complex financial relationships between school districts and charter [...]

Study: Florida Charter Students Receive $2,130 Less Than District School Peers

Florida charter school students receive $2,130 less in funding, on average, than students who attend traditional public schools, according to a new study from the University of Arkansas’ Department of Education Reform. Only Tennessee charter school students receive more funding than traditional district students. The gap ranges from $12,736 per student in Washington, D.C. to [...]

Half As Many Students Will Meet Tougher Bright Futures Scholarship Requirements

The Florida College Access Network estimates about half as many students will qualify for Bright Futures this fall.

About half as many students will qualify for Bright Futures scholarships when the school year begins this fall as did during the current year, according to new estimates from the Florida College Access Network. That’s because lawmakers have steadily increased requirements for the primarily lottery-funded scholarships, raising minimum scores required on the SAT and ACT [...]

Florida Still Has Lengthy To-Do List For Federal Grant

The U.S. Department of Education says Florida is one of those kids in the back when it comes to meeting the requirements of its $700 million Race to the Top grant.

The U.S. Department of Education says Florida trails other states in meeting the requirements of its $700 million federal Race to the Top grant, Education Week reports. From the story: Yet even with billions of dollars and the political cover that came with winning a grant, the annual reports show that states still struggle mightily [...]

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